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The YouTube Scene

Among the many students who achieve high grades and always finish their homework before it is due, there are a number of students who choose instead to dedicate their time to their personal hobbies. Junior Peter Yang, STEM publicist, IMC publicist, and GDC co-president, has created a successful YouTube channel that he uses to share … Continue reading

Ice Bucket Mania

Throughout the month of August, the increasingly popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge became a worldwide trend completed by millions. If you didn’t know already, ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), or Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is a neurodegenerative disease affecting the brain and spinal cord. Motor neurons throughout the body deteriorate, causing muscle weakness. The patients gradually lose … Continue reading

Vibrant Delights

The Anaheim Packing House’s unique ambiance and enticing eateries have brought residents from all over Orange County to experience the new food hall and its delights. After four years of persi-stent designing and constructing, the newly revamped Anaheim Packing House opened in this summer in May. Reminiscent of Anaheim’s original citrus packing house, circa 1919, … Continue reading

Abnormal Amatuer

High school boys taking up synchronized swimming at the instruction of a dolphin trainer. Girls in a remedial math class forming a swing jazz big band. A timid clerk and nurse duo finding a large briefcase of stolen money. Shinobu Yaguchi’s films are identical in that they are uniquely ridiculous, wacky comedies, centering on the … Continue reading

Smashing Fun

In October, Nintendo will be releasing Super Smash Brothers for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U in the United States. To the average consumer, it might seem like just another update in a long line of Super Smash Bros. games, just like yet another Mario game – same old thing, nothing to see here. But this … Continue reading

Thinking Inside the Box-Office

The summer of 2014 marks the worst year for the North American box office in nearly two decades. These record low movie sales leave many analysts wondering why over the course of a short year movie ticket sales dropped approximately 15%. The reason behind this gross decline in the North American box office is simple: … Continue reading

The Mixtape

Song: Elephant Artist: Vidulgi Ooyoo Genre: Dream-Pop, Ambient Lyrics: N/A Description: Soft vocals melt away into waves of reverb, a harmonious hybrid intermixing classic elements of shoe-gaze with pop   Song: Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping Artist: Grouper Genre: Folk, Experimental Lyrics: It’s lifting me up / I’d rather be sleeping / I’d rather fall … Continue reading

Up, Up and Away

Television killed the radio star, or so they say. The aphorism has largely held true: radio has fallen far behind television and internet in usage amongst teens and young adults. People now spend an average of an hour and a half tuned in per day—barely half as much as they did a decade ago. AM radio … Continue reading

Fashion Forecast

              As the seasons shift and evergreen leaves become tinged with gold, summer slips away, and fall’s true colors are revealed, bringing new trends in and old ones out. No longer are shorts dominating the streets; instead, maxi dresses are taking the spotlight. The bright hues of summer are … Continue reading

A Focus on the Works of Miyazaki

Add an extra dollop of vibrant color here, dab on some more movement there, sprinkle a bit of sound…  and finish it all off with a signature sweep of dreamy fantasy.  These are just finishing touches on Hayao Miyazaki’s works. This screenwriter, animator, and director is most famous for quirky characters and engaging plots.  His … Continue reading