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Vibrant Delights


The Anaheim Packing House’s unique ambiance and enticing eateries have brought residents from all over Orange County to experience the new food hall and its delights.

After four years of persi-stent designing and constructing, the newly revamped Anaheim Packing House opened in this summer in May. Reminiscent of Anaheim’s original citrus packing house, circa 1919, its exterior design is a duplicate of the original. The vintage aura of its exterior juxtaposes with the modern interior architecture to create a blend of old and new.

Upon entering, the sudden sound of chatter, laughter, and good old human interaction—reminiscent of a mall—surrounds the ears. Along with it, the bright natural light filtering through the clear ceiling above creates an organic atmosphere which is enhanced by decorative, hanging plants, fresh flowers, and of course, oranges. The touch of green and brown accents all around the building remind visitors of the fresh, organic dishes the vendors have to offer.

The food hall offers several distinctive styles of eateries, including The Kroft, Popbar, Lemon Drop, and Orange Tei, among others. Whatever your taste buds crave, a vendor will have it. For coffee lovers, try Cafecito Orgánico’s decorative, organic coffee. Looking for some international cuisines? Adya offers mouthwatering Indian food and Orange Tei is well known for its Japanese menu. With so many options to choose from, you’ll find yourself splurging just to taste each and every delicacy offered by the vendors.

The contrasts in stores are also apparent, producing an immediate sensory overload. The Chippy Fish & Grill’s wooden beach side theme with knotted rope décor perfectly suits their grilled fish. A few steps away, Popbar’s sleek, contemporary appearance allows easy picture access to its variety of Instagram famed indulgences. Next door, Hammer’s Workshop & Bar is adorned with old tools and a life-sized tractor, illustrating its rustic theme.

Food in hand, you can choose to sit outside or inside, upstairs or downstairs.  Although usually jampacked with people, the dining hall provides a variety of comfortable seating options for individuals and large groups. From the swings, enjoying the live music, to benches, couches, and stools beside giant white roosters, its unorthodox seating options give the packing house its special character and welcoming feel.

The blend of modern and old time décor makes this food hall one of the most unique attractions in the city of Anaheim, for locals and tourists alike. With live music, a vibrant ambiance, and a variety of food to indulge in, it’s the new hotspot to spend time with family and friends.

-Alondra Sierra


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