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The Mixtape

mixtape picSong: Elephant

Artist: Vidulgi Ooyoo

Genre: Dream-Pop, Ambient

Lyrics: N/A

Description: Soft vocals melt away into waves of reverb, a harmonious hybrid intermixing classic elements of shoe-gaze with pop


Song: Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping

Artist: Grouper

Genre: Folk, Experimental

Lyrics: It’s lifting me up / I’d rather be sleeping / I’d rather fall into tidal waves / Right where the deepest currents go

Description: A soft, crooning lullaby muffled under a blanket of inherent nostalgia.


Song: Monster’s Film

Artist: Oeil

Genre: Shoegaze, New Wave

Lyrics: N/A

Description: A trancelike melody, opening and regressing towards a deconstructed wave of synth.


Song: Okay

Artist: Elvis Depressedly

Genre: Lo-fi

Lyrics: Dream my fears come true as I’m trying / To feel alright / I’ve become a catacomb of secrets

Genre: Fuzzy, grainy walls of sound coupled with adolescent self-pity– the perfect anthem for the angst-driven teen.


Song: Nausea

Artist: Craft Spells

Genre: N/A

Lyrics: Bringing me back now / Paranoia / You’ve kept yourself away from everyone else

Description: Though not the greatest singer, Vallesteros makes do with washed-out vocals set against a backdrop of catchy chords and copious amounts of reverb.


Song: Aspirin Boy

Artist: dencihinji

Genre: K-Indie, Lo-Fi

Lyrics: N/A

Description: Retaining the soft acoustic melodies characteristic to Korean indie, breathy vocals intwine with slightly more electronic sounds.

-Emily Kim 




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