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Fashion Forecast

              As the seasons shift and evergreen leaves become tinged with gold, summer slips away, and fall’s true colors are revealed, bringing new trends in and old ones out. No longer are shorts dominating the streets; instead, maxi dresses are taking the spotlight. The bright hues of summer are fading away, and the jewel tones of fall are taking center stage as old trends are revamped and new ones appear.

The new colors of fall mainly consist of jewel tones, such as crimson, deep plum, and midnight blue. Dark but richly bright, these gleaming colors are this fall’s footprint. Also popular on the runways were burnt, mustardy shades ranging from muddy yellows to goldenrod.

Certain patterns are also emerging as fall staples. Plaid, for one, has taken a journey back into the 60’s. Ditching the modest checks from recent seasons past, it has instead embraced bigger, boxier, bolder checks that are faintly reminiscent of old school “granny plaid.”

Another pattern that has been bursting off of store shelves recently is polka dots. Whether big or small, black or white, filled in or outlined, solid or multicolored, polka dots are outrageously popular this fall. The circular pattern has been stamped onto practically every type and size of clothing out there. Shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses- you name it, it’s out there somewhere, with polka dots imprinted onto it. Whether worn as a power print dominating your outfit or in a small, unexpected pop, polka dots are essential for the season.

Yet another style this season has quite literally swept us off our feet. Known as maxi skirts- those long, flowing skirts back from the “peace” days that most of us have surely seen and made fun of while digging through our grandmothers’ closets- have made a huge comeback since they were last popular in the sixties. These, like its sister trend bell bottoms, may seem intimidating on the rack, but when worn with a proportional top and the right accessories, they can be stunning.

This fall’s trends, with season staples and a dash of the unexpected, take us away from modern day and into the past with throwbacks to the sixties, seventies, and eighties. The season’s styles seem to be leaning away from the futuristic and more toward a revival of the past, but only time will tell where these trends take us. Will you be wearing them?

Amy Chi



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